Start Your Own Christmas Tradition this year with a hand made wreath from Montana!


How long have you been in business?
Holiday Wreath Company has been providing non-profit groups with holiday fundraisers since 1977. Our experience has given us the opportunity to constantly improve the Profit with our fundraising program. This experience benefits your organization’s fundraising efforts. We can help you Create your own Fund-Raising Tradition.

How are you environmentally friendly?
The alpine fir trees only grow in the Rocky Mountain areas above 5,000 feet.The alpine and grand fir are a soft needle to touch and thus more user friendly. We wait until after the first hard frost before we begin collecting the boughs to make the wreaths. The frost causes the needles of the alpine to set, creating a longer lasting wreath than you will find anywhere else. We are environmentally friendly when we collect our boughs, only pruning the outer ten or so inches off of the trees. This stimulates the growth, and in a year or two, the trees are healthier, and fuller than they would be if we had not trimmed them.

What is your customer service like?
We have a customer service team that works hard to be accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We pride ourselves in offering customer service that goes the extra mile every time! Remember, your success is our goal.

How does our group price the products?
Your group decides your own prices. We feel it is important that every group has the ability to decide their own profit margin and also be sure the prices fit for the community where they sell. In addition, to assist your group in deciding your prices, we have a price guide with our suggested retail prices. This gives your group a good idea for pricing. The products you are selling are the Premier Wreath of the Holiday Season. Remember this is a Classic Fund-Raiser with the highly valued and needed products.

How simple is the pricing strategy?
We strive to keep the program as simple as possible. One of the ways we do this is by keeping the pricing simple. We give you one total price per item to simplify the process.

How does the guarantee work?
One of the great things about our program is the 100% guarantee for quality, forest fresh products delivery. We stand behind our Products and want to be sure your customers are happy with them as well. If you ever have any problems with any product just call our office and speak to one of our helpful customer service team members. If possible, we will ship replacement products or we can credit the group. All you have to do is call within 10 days of receiving your shipment.

How are your products packaged?
Each item is conveniently packaged in an easy to handle plastic bag. No worrying about purchasing bags for the products or the task of bagging every item before passing them out. All products are boxed in sturdy cardboard cases designed to handle the shipping process.

How do we get marketing materials?
Your original sales materials (fliers, sales records, products flier, etc.) are free! All you have to do is sign up for the program. Sign up on the web and all the forms will be on welcome page to get you planning for success immediately. Call our office to sign up or fill out the Program Sign Up form and fax or mail it to our office.

What is special about Alpine Fir?
Our Alpine Fir grows at or above the 5000ft high altitude in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. This means you are getting a hearty, exceptionally beautiful, fragrant product that can last for many weeks with a little TLC.

Are we obligated to order once we sign up?
No, you are not obligated to place a final order with us if you sign up. If for some reason your group chooses not to use the program, just call our office and let us know .There will be a charge for the sample wreath if you requested one.

Is there a set time frame for the program?
Yes, for the bulk program the sales start on or before September 16th. The Final Order deadline is October 16th. The Mail-A-Gift Programs run till December 10th. There is no deliveries on Saturday or Sunday. Delivery starts the week before Thanksgiving.

Can you guarantee a specific delivery date?
Unfortunately, the way our shipping system works, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. Our goal is to deliver to you before 7th of December.

How do we sign up?
You can call us and we will walk you through signing up over the telephone or you can fill out the Letter Of Intent Form and either mail or fax it to our office. This form must be returned to office to assure your groups place in program!

When do we receive our sales materials?
We have all the materials you need for a successful program. Fill out the information request form and the welcome page will provide all you need. This simplifies and speeds up the process. Do you need materials mailed? E-mail to have them mailed to you. The products sell themselves! They are wonderful products and every body LOVES them!

How do we submit our Bulk Final Order?

The Final Order form and instructions are on the download page. You can fill out your Final Order form and either mail or fax it to us. Final bulk orders are case only. You can not place the Final Order over the telephone, as there are agreements on the Final Order that need to be acknowledged and signed.

What should I do when placing my Final Order?
Some things not to forget before placing your Final Order; make sure your CASE totals are correct and that you use standard numbers, make sure you signed the Final Order form, and make sure all your required contact and shipping information is correct on the Final Order form. Send one check or money order for 50% of final order. This will be required to process the order. Please e-mail that you have made final order and how, frequently we get in blank faxs oops! This is a back up to for that issue!

Does the Bulk Final Order have to be on the Final Order form?
Yes, there is Final Order form made specifically for each year and you must use the Final Order form we provide for you. The reasons are the Final Order form is a contract and second, the information must be consistent for accounting purposes.

How do I submit the Mail-A-Gift Items and addresses?
You can enter the information on the mail-a-gift form(spread sheet)from the downloads page. Please e-mail spread sheet to The total payment for Mail-A-Gift is now due please mail or call in the single payment at this time.

How do I know if you have received my Mail-A-Gift or Final Order Form?
Once your order is entered into our system, Call the office to confirm or by Fax. If your group has signed up with us and we have not received a Final Order from you, we will call you in time to place your Final Order. Please e-mail or call if you are concerned glitches are possible in any system.

Can we pay our bill once we receive our Final Order Confirmation?
The Final Order Confirmation is to let you know that we have received your Final Order and give you a chance to double-check it. After you check order, then we request you mail or call in your payment of 50% down to get order processed. If you are doing the Mail-A-Gift 100% of payment is due on that part of program. The 50% is only for the bulk orders.

When do we pay remaining amount for our products?
Your customers make checks payable to your group; you send one check from your organization as payment. We mail a final invoice to your group shortly after we receive your 50% payment to start processing. Terms for payment are upon receipt of invoice. We accept payment by, either a check or money order from your organization (have your customers write their checks out to your group) or Visa / Master Card. Please call the office for credit card service.

Final Payment must be received before we can ship your wreaths.
This of course will be after you have sold all your products and collected all your money. We apologize for the changes but in an effort to keep cost down, we feel this will increase our productivity and efficiency. We have had groups over optimistically ordering in the past. (Ordering before collecting funds) This causes us to over manufacture products, and creates waste which cost all of us.