Start Your Own Christmas Tradition this year with a hand made wreath from Montana!

The Gift

Holiday Wreath CrossHis Wonderful Gift Represented by Our Christmas Cross

Holiday Wreath Company looks at Christmas with Thanksgiving and Joy.
We look at the Cross as the Original Christmas Tree and Gift to the World.
We enjoy the traditional Christmas tree and our beautiful wreaths.
But no tradition compares to the true meaning of the Cross of Christmas.

The Cross is raised as our Standard at Holiday Wreath.
Each year the World seems to wonder farther from the Truth of Christmas.
We have sensed an awakening and want to be apart of this “Move Toward Truth.”
We have decided to draw closer to the true meaning of CHRISTMAS.
We are announcing a True Christmas Cross in hopes that you will be inspired
to lift up this Standard of Excellence.
NOT in the Cross We have made, but in the Work HE has done.

Remembering Christ in Christmas!

GOD Bless His Purposes

This magnificent cross is quite a statement!
It is roughly 32inches tall by 24inches wide,
this new product is hand crafted from the beautiful fragrant alpine fir.
Decorated with a simple red multi-looped bow.

Product shipping starts the week before thanksgiving.
No wreaths will be shipped prior to that week.

Sorry, delivery is limited to the lower 48 states.